Wesleyan Women

The Wesleyan Women for 2014-2015:
(elected annually by the Annual Church Conference in May this year).
PRESIDENT, Sister Coreen Williams.  She may be reached at (718) 341-0135;
VICE-PRESIDENT, Sister Eva Drayton. She may be reached at (718) 481-6247;
SECRETARY, Sister Delene Pratt. She may be reached at (718) 468-0981;
TREASURER, Sister Marima Bankay. She may be reached at (718) 526-0357;
OUTREACH DIRECTOR, Sister Gloria Daniels.
WESLEYAN KIDS FOR MISSION , Sister Penelope Lambert. She may be reached at (646) 894-4237;
PRAYER COORDINATOR, Sister Gournattie Hunte. She may be reached at (646) 344-2709;

LIBRARIAN, Sister Leone Fordyce. She may be reached at (718) 949-4037.


Who are the Wesleyan Women:


The purpose of the Wesleyan Women is to connect women to God, involve them in ministry and to encourage them to form good working relationships with each other.  This organization provides avenues and projects for giving and providing service to the community, and for the effective development and support of church leaders.

Membership of this organization is open to all women who attend the Wesleyan church, accept the purposes of the Wesleyan Women and are willing to participate in local church women's ministries.  All women who attend the Jamaica-Queens church are encouraged to take an active part in the work of this organization, which meets every 3rd Sunday of the month at 11:15 a.m., during the Sunday School hour.  The Organization seeks to support the local church through fund-raising activities and specific projects aimed at the support of missionary activities both at home and abroad.  This group is part of the larger body of Wesleyan Women of the Penn-Jersey District, and all are encouraged to support and participate in all of the activities sponsored by them.  Please click on the link listed as part of this section of the website for a listing of the Penn-Jersey district's calendar of events, for advance information on activities planned.
This website seeks to support women by providing them with frequent updates of upcoming events, both locally and at the District level.  It is hoped that this site would also be used as a place where women can present their prayer requests confidentially and support each other in prayer.  The site is also intended to be used as a place where pictures of local events and activities can be posted for viewing by all who were unable to attend.  On this site also, donations and other payments could be collected for special events and fundraisers which would benefit the local church or other overseas missionary endeavors.

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