The goal of our Sunday School is to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of teaching the word of God. Our objectives are to see our students learn the word of God and believe that word unto salvation.

Departments of Sunday School:

          (1)     The Children's Department

                   (i)      Kindergarten

                   (ii)     Primary

                   (iii)    Junior

         (2)      The Youth Department

                   (i)      High School

                   (ii)     College

         (3)      The Adult Department

                   (i)     The Leadership Class

                   (ii)     The Women's Class

                   (iii)    The Men's Class


The curriculum used is the same as the international series published by Wesley Press. The High School students are currently doing a "through the bible" series.

All are invited to attend Sunday School. There are many great benefits in our program. Unlike a regular church service where there is only a one-way discourse, in Sunday School, scholars can respond to what they hear. Teachers have the opportunity to make a personal appeal within a small group setting. Testifying, singing, praying aloud and other forms of participation are easily taught in this forum. Young pre-school children learn to sit and listen, share, interact with others, memorize verses and choruses. Their social skills are developed, thus preparing them for regular day school.
Please plan to join us every Sunday at 11:15 a.m., directly after the Worship Service.

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