Our Statement of Faith


                   As Wesleyans, our faith is based on the following principles:

o   Faith in the Holy Trinity;

o   God the Father;

o   God the Son;

o   God the Holy Spirit;

o   The sufficiency and full authority of the Holy Scriptures for salvation;

o   God's purpose for man;

o   Marriage and family;

o   Man's choice;

o   The Atonement;

o   Repentance and Faith;

o   Justification and Regeneration;

o   Good works;

o   Sin after regeneration;

o   Sanctification: initial, progressive, entire;

o   Gifts of the Spirit;

o   The Church;

o   The sacraments: baptism and the Lord's Supper;

o   The Second Coming of Christ;

o   The Resurrection of the dead;

o   The Judgment of mankind;

o   Destiny.

                        Our Core Values

  A commitment to Christ-likeness in faith and holy living.

  A commitment to Biblical authority in preaching, teaching and guidance.

  A commitment to local church growth fostered through Biblical evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.


  A commitment to team ministry fostered through mutual respect, love and affirmation of the gifts of ministry, and active involvement in and support of the Wesleyan Church.

  A commitment to servant leadership, as demonstrated through transformed lives and change-oriented influence.


  A commitment to generosity through the faithful sharing of time, gifts and finances.


  A commitment to the global mission of influencing others toward life-changing faith in Jesus Christ.

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