LBA Meeting is scheduled for
Monday, July 16, 2018 at 8pm
in the Pastor's office.

WW Teaparty - 7/28/16
Tickets cost 15.00 each

International Day - 9/01/18
All are invited.


SIGHT & SOUNDS - 10/6/2018
See the show “JESUS”
Cost - 13yrs & up $135
          12yrs & under $85
Deadline - 8/06/2018.
2 buses reserved. Sis. Bankay is
     collecting payments. Call at
     718.526.0357 to reserve

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Our Mission
The Wesleyan Church has grown out of a revival movement which has given itself to one mission – the spreading of scriptural holiness throughout the land. In keeping with this worldwide mission, the Jamaica Queens Wesleyan Church exists for the glory of God in serving all people, everywhere, and we have chosen the motto of our general conference at the time of our consecration in 1983, "one…that the world might believe”.
We have listed five tasks in the fulfillment of our mission:
1. Evangelization – preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that repentance and remission of sins is available to all who would believe, seeking to live in obedience to the Word of God;
2. Discipleship – endeavoring to use Ephesians 4 as the pattern for all believers, as God develops the church according to the unique model He has for all persons;
3. Worship – that every believer experiences God, both in corporate as well as private life, in reverent devotion and in allegiance pledged to God;
4. Fellowship – sharing things in common with others of like faith. Especially as our congregation becomes larger, this need is addressed both in the larger assembly, and in small groups of persons, living in isolated locations.
5. Service – reaching out with the material benefits of the Gospel to everyone.
We utilize the "FRAN” method of evangelism, in order to accomplish our goals:
 F – Reaching out to our FRIENDS;
 R – Reaching out to our RELATIVES;
 A – Reaching out to our ASSOCIATES;
 N – Reaching out to our NEIGHBORS.

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